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Alana Murrell

Alana Murrell


I was born in Mesquite, Texas and grew up in Dallas and the surrounding cities. My maternal grandfather is a Baptist preacher in Dallas. In the beginning of my life, I was a holiday church attender, when the Lord saved me at age 9 I wanted to be in the church every time the doors were open. Our church had a Baptist Training Union (BTU) where I learned foundational bible knowledge through bible games and activities. There was a lot of competition and legalism in those things but it was a time when the Lord really drew me to himself.

At 17, I left for college at UNT. I began attending The Village Church Denton my sophomore year and I immediately realized I’d found my church home. It has been my joy to serve in many capacities over the years; in the Little Village preschool ministry, Kid Keepers childcare ministry, leading a homegroup for single women among other things. This year, I have the unique opportunity to serve as a Groups Intern, I can hardly wait to see how He will use this year of my life for His name’s renown.