Healing, Freedom and Wisdom Found in the Gospel

Biblical Counseling

When special circumstances require help beyond Home Groups and Restoration Groups, the primary places that we work out care and counseling, we partner with professional counselors in meeting the emotional and spiritual needs of the church. 

Premarital Counseling

Marriage was created by God for the display of His glory and for the joy of His creatures. Through this gift, we are called to consider not only God’s covenantal love but also His incredible patience and unconditional mercy toward His beloved. Because this takes effort and intentionality, we strongly encourage engaged couples to supplement their marriage preparation through formal premarital counseling.

  • Register online at least six months before your wedding date.
  • We will assign you a marriage mentor couple. We ask that couples meet with their marriage mentors at least six times.
  • Upon registration confirmation, we ask that you order two copies of Catching Foxes by John Henderson. We also ask that you complete the FOCCUS test online. We will provide you with the test access code. The cost is $15.

If you are unable to meet with a marriage mentor couple, then we encourage you to meet with a biblical counselor for at least six sessions.

Recommended Counselors

Covenant Biblical Counseling

North Texas Christian Counseling
 (469) 635-2200

Breedlove Counseling
 (940) 448-0298

Growing Hearts, Growing Minds

Specializing in children and teens
 (940) 220-9469

Acorn Counseling
(940) 222-8703

Metroplex Counseling
 (817) 571-4110

Koinonia Christian Counseling
 (940) 783-8135

Steve Barns & Associates
 (940) 297-6893