Benevolence Requests

Before requesting assistance, we ask that you first bring the need to those in your home group. We pursue and live in community through groups and hope that you reach out to your community in times of hardship. If you still need assistance, contact us to schedule an appointment with a staff member. This individual will provide guidance and give you further information about what assistance the church can provide.

Hospital and Home Visits

If you or a loved one have been hospitalized, don't hesitate to call on our church body for assistance.You can contact the office for further assistance with a hospital or home visit.


As our desire to serve and assist you in times of loss, we make our facilities available for funerals, but availability is limited. Only certain days and times of the week are open, and those times often change week to week. If you want to check availability and pricing or if you need a pastor from The Village Church Denton to conduct a memorial service, call Stephanie Mabe at (940) 382-8888.