I was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. My sister and I grew up in a household where my parents loved us well, but it wasn’t a house centered around the Lord. Though we areclose in age, and were close when we were really young; as we entered middle school, our relationship completely changed. From middle school through high school, my sister and I merely coexisted in the same household. The relationship I had with my sister stemmed from me not understanding the struggles that she began facing at such a young age, and it soon leadme to search for that loving relationship in other people. I felt that I may never be good enough.

As I continued to search for that perfect friendship to give me the love that I desperately desired, during my sophomore year of high school the Lord introduced me to the ministry of Young Life. This was the first time the Lord presented His gospel to me, but I didn’t believe it was something that I needed, because I was someone who followed all the rules and thought I did everything ‘right’. I didn’t realize that salvation can not be earned. When I moved to Denton to attend The University of North Texas, my insecurities and search for that perfect relationship followed me. Soon after the fall semester started, God placed a girl named Alyssa into my life. She revealed the gospel to me in a whole new way and the Lord began to open up my heart to truly understand it. During the Spring semester of college I became a high school Young Life leader and that summer I went to camp with a group of high school girls. During that week in the mountains, the Lord changed my life completely and broke down the walls that were held up by my insecurities. The Lord knew my life would look different the second I stepped off the bus when we got back home.

Since that summer, God has done some incredible things in my life. My parents have begun to have a relationship with Christ and my relationship with my sister is more loving and caring than it has ever been before, and I can’t thank God enough for that. I used to think that I had to earn God’s favor and His love, but He’s taught me that His love doesn’t come with a price that I’m capable of paying. I’ve learned that I can stop running and trying to be good enough because He says that; in Christ I am good enough, loved unconditionally, forgiven and accepted. He’s shown me the greatest love that I will never be able to fully comprehend, by sending His Son Jesus Christ to die for me and my brokenness so that I may spend eternity withHim.

It is such a privilege that I get to continue living in Denton and be a part of The Village Church Denton’s staff. I am incredibly thankful to serve the church through worship and ultimately give the gift of music the Lord gave me, back to Him.