I was blessed to grow up in a great home with loving parents. I remember hearing about God, but I viewed Him as more of a distant judge than a loving father.

I attended the University of North Texas, where my big plan was to live it up during college and later spend my adult years reconciling myself to God. Fortunately, God had a different plan and began to draw me toward a relationship with Him upon moving to Denton. During the spring semester, a friend of mine shared the gospel with me (again), and the Holy Spirit opened my heart. That weekend, I understood that Jesus Christ reconciled me to God by living the perfect life and dying on the cross.

God was gracious to quickly put me around godly men who taught me how to study the Bible and live out the gospel. Toward the end of my college career, God brought Heather into my life. We were married two years later. Being a husband to Heather has been such a blessing, and I am thankful to do life with her. God has provided us with three kids: Macy, Shepard and Ethan. Through them, He continues to teach me about His love, grace and patience.

God brought our family to The Village Denton campus in the fall of 2007. We were immediately welcomed into the church family and challenged to incorporate the gospel into every facet of our lives. We love being a part of what God is doing here at The Village and look forward to what He has in store for our church family.