Born into a Christian family, I was taught many truths about the gospel. Based on my knowledge of heaven and hell and the spiritual position of my family, I chose to proclaim Christ as my Savior when I was 7, although I knew very little about what it meant to have a relationship with Him.

My adolescent years were spent searching for answers. After struggling to understand the gospel, I concluded that it wasn’t real. Despite my stance, I tried to maintain a low profile around my family and, living within the Bible Belt, it’s easier to have friends as a Christian than not. I found myself at a church camp at the age of 14. It was during my time at this camp that God made Himself irresistible to me. I still had many unanswered questions about the Bible and the gospel, but as I left camp, I was confident in God as the Creator, the weight of my sinful nature and the need of Christ as my Savior.

I now look back and see where He strategically orchestrated seasons in my life alongside God-fearing men that helped nourish my passions and the theology of the gospel. His comforting hand steered me through high school as a Christian leader and then, in the earlier part of college, I felt led to move from East Texas to Denton, making The Village Church my home.

During my time at The Village, I have seen God’s faithful works in my life, as well as the body of the church. I met my remarkable wife while doing life at The Village. God has provided us with an amazing community and has entrusted to us our sons, Micah and Theo. I am excited to be a part of The Village staff by overseeing our facilities and caring for the people that walk through our doors.