I was born in Colorado Springs, CO but grew up in Sacramento, CA in a two-parent household with my younger brother. My parents loved me the best way they could with what they had. Both of my parents grew up in semi-religious homes so they taught me to pray and we went to church in my elementary years. However, all through High School I viewed God as a “genie in a bottle” and was fueled by other’s approval.

My parents instilled in me the values of working hard and putting school first. Those lessons led to me having options when it came to deciding on where I would go to college. In hindsight, God’s providence led me to go to San Diego State University where I thought I would re-invent myself in a new place with new people through getting involved in as many different student organizations as possible. Pursuing a relationship with the Lord would have been first on my list when talking to friends and family who were believers but in reality, I wanted nothing to do with God. Thankfully, God is an active God who sees us and pursues after our hearts. For me, that was exactly what was happening when I showed up to the first couple of events my freshman year of college. I met two different younger guys in different spaces who invited me out to a house dinner with Campus Outreach. It was at that first meeting, that for the first time in my memory where I heard the Good news of the Gospel. For the rest of my freshman year, the Campus Outreach staff faithfully shared the gospel with me over and over and over again but I still had a works-based mentality of salvation. Then, that summer something changed.

The summer after my freshman year, I attended a summer leadership project with Campus Outreach and for the first time in my life, I was in an environment with people my age who truly loved Jesus, and they were not ashamed of it. It was in this amazing environment where the Lord allowed me to see the weighty cost of my sin and the cost Jesus was willing to pay on my behalf at the cross. As the Holy Spirit, gave me a new heart, I was compelled by the love of Christ to share the best news in the world with everyone I came across.

In the summer of 2018, I married my beautiful bride Cassie and came on staff with Campus Outreach. We love getting the opportunity to reach the students on the college campus and seeing dead people come alive.