I was raised in the church from the age of five in Flower Mound, TX. Two of my earlier and clearest memories were my first day at Sunday school and hearing John 3:16 at a space-themed vacation bible school. The gospel was clearly and faithfully proclaimed to me from an early age. It wasn’t until I was 12 that I felt like I understood the truth of the gospel and publicly professed my faith and belief in Jesus and was baptized. I spent the rest of middle school and high school slowly learning how to live two lives: one that was really good at being a “good Christian young man” and one that flirted with loving the world. Eventually the latter became my main love. Even throughout that time of living for the world, the voice of the Lord was often present. I wasn’t reading my bible regularly or being discipled but the truths and verses that I had learned in bible drill years before were still stored in me and would come to mind.

My trying to live two lives came to a head when I was in early college. I was slowly walking away from church and committing my identity more and more to a sinful relationship I had been in for sometime when all the things I had put my identity in came crashing down and were stripped away, by the Lord’s mercy and grace. During that time, I started attending The Village Church Denton and occasionally attended a home group. When my old loves had been shown for what they were, the Lord met me in His Word, this church and in that homegroup. I confessed to my homegroup and repented of the lifestyle I had been living and turned back to the Lord giving my allegiance to Him. The Lord ultimately redeemed that sinful relationship from before and I married my wife with our hearts having seen and tasted the Lord’s forgiveness and grace in our lives. The Lord continues to redeem and restore and has been faithful to lead us, by his grace, to trust and love Him more.