I was born and raised in Amman, Jordan to a nominal Christian family and grew up a part of the Orthodox Church. I struggled to reconcile the different views of God around me, namely Judaism and Islam, to the one I was being taught in church. The three competing views coupled with the violence done in the name of religion were obstacles to my faith in Jesus Christ.

I had a happy and full childhood in Jordan but it was disrupted when my father passed away unexpectedly and our family made the decision to immigrate to the United States. Faith had been difficult to comprehend with the political and religious environment and the ambiguity of tradition in the orthodox faith but became nearly impossible in the midst of grief and transitions in our family.

Shortly after my family settled in Texas, I came to UNT to study Graphic Design. It was a turbulent time but it gave me the space to start exploring what I really thought about who I am, my purpose, and who God was. I longed to know the truth, know a sustainable kind of joy, and for a while it all seemed hopeless.

A friend invited me to The Village Church and I remember hearing the gospel and thinking, “This is all so good but I just wish it were true.” That began a journey for me of reading the Bible, listening to sermons online, and from time to time, when I was brave, attending worship services. I don’t remember the date but over that period of time I became convinced of my sin and that Jesus was the way to life and salvation. I was baptized in 2008 and I’ve been at this church family ever since. In 2012 I was sent from The Village to Ethiopia as a missionary. I rejoined this congregation 2016 and it’s a joy to serve as the Deacon of Communications.