I went to church from a very young age and heard the gospel preached.  I made a commitment at a young age, but it was not real to me as I became older and as my family became very dysfunctional and life became hard.  I felt like Christians were hypocrites and I searched for my identity in a number of ways, including education.  I determined that I might go to church occasionally, but I wasn’t truly going to pursue God. In looking back, it is so clear that God was pursuing me. While I was finishing graduate school and realizing that education and science were not going to be my salvation, a Christian friend was working on me and talked me into studying the book of Luke with just him before we watched Monday Night Football.  During this study, I came to know that I desperately needed Jesus.  I specifically remember studying the parable of the rich fool in Luke 12. After my friend left and when Pat (my wife) and young son were sleeping, I got down on my knees and surrendered my life to Christ.

Since that point I have grown in Christ. This has been a positive effect on our marriage, extended family and now in retirement I am continuing to grow in Christ and am very blessed to be able to serve Him. We had no ties to Denton, but we know the Lord led us here after retirement. I am just so remarkably blessed by the Lord, including marriage, 2 sons, daughter-in-law, 2 grandchildren, friends, our church and ministry opportunities. It is all from Him. What a failure it would be not to pursue Him and use those blessings for Him.