I was born and raised in Harare, Zimbabwe. My parents, Kennedy and Lilian, raised my brother and me in a strong Christian home. Everywhere we turned the reality of the gospel greeted us. I grew up attending church and came to faith in Christ at a young age.

I attended a private Christian grade school, and even though I had a desire to chase after the Lord, I found it tough during some of those years. I still attended church and youth group, even led home groups at times, but my heart was far from Christ. I felt pressure to operate under the illusion that on the outside I was a devout Christian, but in reality I had an internal struggle with accepting the Lord’s grace over my wicked heart.

During my final two years of high school, my youth pastor took me under his wing and discipled me. He taught me that being a believer didn’t mean I was perfect; it meant that, in Christ’s perfection, His blood covered my sin. The implications of His death, burial and resurrection were wholly awakened in me.

In 2004, I moved to Denton, Texas, to study Radio, Television and Film at the University of North Texas. My ambition was to be a transformative, gospel-saturated moviemaker in the heart of Hollywood. It was while at UNT that the Lord confirmed in me a call and desire to enter into the ministry.

I got plugged into The Village while I was in college and have been part of God’s amazing work here since. God has surrounded me with friends and family at my home away from home. I have seen great evidence of His ordering my steps through the way He has brought me and kept me in Denton.