I grew up in a Christian home in a small town called Ranger, Tx. Both my parents were really some of the cycle breakers in their families when it came to truly following Christ, because of which I was constantly around the church and its people. I figured out what was “right” fairly quickly growing up and ended up being a pretty “good” kid. But it wasn’t until my sophomore year in high school that I realized that I had been living for others’ acceptance. Football, Baseball, Theater, UIL, good grades, teachers pet, bad grades, ISS, class clown, you name it, I was chasing it. It wasn’t until I won a game at a youth event and got a Lecrae CD as a prize that I had finally seen someone being who they were while not really caring about other people’s acceptance. Lecrae and his labelmates were living unashamed for Christ because of His acceptance, and I wanted that. All the while Luke Neviar was faithfully sharing Christ at our youth events and over that sophomore year my heart had changed.

I was no longer living for people’s acceptance and dying by their rejection. I wanted to stay awake in church, read the bible, share the gospel (although terribly), and even wanted to live a life worthy of the gospel that had ransomed me. My heart and desires changed dramatically. Yet due to the small town I was in, it was pretty hard to find other believers around my age that wanted to seriously pursue Jesus, and so I struggled until I finally transferred to UTA and met some of the guys with Campus Outreach. Coley Stephens took me under his wing and discipled me for 3 years. Since then I have found myself constantly pursuing the lost and specifically having a heart for college students. I went to Birmingham, AL with Campus Outreach for a semester in 2020 and then went to South Africa with them as well in 2021. Now I am currently on staff at UNT.