I grew up with loving parents who got me involved in church at a very young age. I was sprinkled as an infant in the Lutheran church, went through confirmation, went to church camp and did all the things a “good, little church kid” does. I spent the majority of my time “not being as bad as that guy.”

When I went to the University of Texas, I got involved with a group of Christian men through my fraternity, BYX, who were actively seeking a relationship with the Lord. For the first time in my life, I started to truly see the redemptive love that God showed for me by giving His son to die for my sins. Eventually, I ended up at The Village Church Denton and the Lord was gracious to reveal to me a lot of the things that had become my idols and my identity. I began to get more serious about walking faithfully with the Lord and was baptized as a believer in front of our home group. I also met my beautiful wife, Audra, during this time and her encouragement helped me to step out of my comfort zone and into real Christian community.

I’m grateful the Lord has provided me the opportunity to serve The Village Church Denton in the area of finance. I’m prayerful that we will use this ministry to continue to grow as faithful, God-honoring stewards of His money.