The Training Program

Theological Equipping for the Local Church

The Training Program is a one-year discipleship program that immerses participants in the Bible. The program’s curriculum seeks to equip believers in three areas of discipleship—Christian Story, Christian Belief and Christian Formation.

Training Program participants will read several books over the course of the year in addition to regular Scripture reading. Students are required to keep up with the weekly reading schedule and purchase their own books.

For questions, email Brad Welker, Associate Pastor of Adult Ministries.

Program Curriculum

The program’s curriculum seeks to equip believers in three areas of discipleship—Christian story, Christian belief and Christian formation. By weaving these three elements together, we employ a holistic approach to discipleship, where men and women have the opportunity to grow in their love for God, Scripture, and God’s mission.

Program Length

The program lasts one year, with a fall semester (September–December) and a spring semester (January–April). Class sessions are comprised of lecture, cohort discussion and formation exercises. We realize the Training Program is a big commitment, and we ask all participants to attend each week and complete any work required outside of class time.

The class meets Tuesdays at 7 pm beginning September 6.


Program Costs

The Training Program is open to anyone in the church who wants to be involved but there are a limited of number of spots.

The cost of the program is simply the cost of books.  If buying the books are a hindrance to you, please email Brad Welker, Associate Pastor of Adult Ministries.

Apply for the 2022-2023 Training Program

Applications open May 12 and close July 1.