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Emily Cranford

Emily Cranford

Music Ministry Assistant

I was born and raised in central Oklahoma. I grew up in a Christian home with parents who love the Lord deeply, and did their best to raise me and my two brothers up in the love and wisdom of Christ. When I was 7, the Lord saw fit to call me to Himself and save me. I look back and though I was so young, I remember the moment when I knew it was real. That there was a God who loved me and died on the cross for my sins, so that I might have life and life to the full. As I began to grow in my faith over the years, He gently (and sometimes not-so gently) reminded me that being a Christ follower was so much more than just knowing all the right answers and going to church, but a deep and intimate relationship with my Creator God. 

I made the move to Denton in 2010 to attend The University of North Texas and study vocal jazz. Music had been a huge part of my family and my life and being able to study music at UNT was an incredible blessing. I graduated in August of 2014 and went through that very typical post-college “What’s next?”. I spent a year working as a private lesson teacher in Frisco, but continued living in the Denton area. During my first year post-college, I began dating my now husband (newly married as of September 2015), and we felt like Denton was where we wanted to continue living and set down roots.  

Since 2012, I have been serving on the worship team as a volunteer. It has always been such a sweet way that the Lord allowed me to serve His body, but it wasn’t until around the time I graduated college that I felt a stronger call to lead through music, but didn’t really know what that looked like. Then in March of 2015, I was offered this opportunity to be the music intern here at TVC Denton. It is essentially a chance for the church to equip me to discern a call to ministry. I have so many hopes and prayers for this year. I’m looking forward to learning what it means to be on staff at a church, growing in my skills musically, and being a help and encouragement to the music ministry staff and volunteers. Ultimately, my prayer is that the Lord would use this year to deepen my relationship with Him and spur me on to make disciples for His kingdom and His glory in whatever capacity that may be!