Restoration Groups

Restoration Groups provide a safe and supportive environment for men and women seeking redemption in Christ from sin and suffering. These groups address various issues falling into three broad categories: suffering primarily as a result of a person’s sin (e.g., addictions), suffering primarily as a result of a person being sinned against (e.g., abuse), and suffering primarily as a result of living in a fallen world (e.g., grief). We believe that healing is possible through Jesus Christ.

These groups are for individuals struggling with specific sins and issues, offering a place of healing and support. Find hope and healing in Jesus Christ as we walk together toward redemption. No matter the issue, you don’t have to face it alone.

Join one of our Restoration Groups or connect with our Care Minister, Jeannie Naylor.

Spring 2024 Restoration Groups

Learning to Lament

Thursdays, February 29-March 21


One-third of the Psalms include some kind of lament or complaint. We avoid this to our own detriment. Join us for 4 Thursdays during Lent and make space to encounter God through Lament. We will experience Biblical lament and then uncover and explore our own hurts and loss as we go through a process of writing a personal lament to God. Participants will simply need a bible and journal.