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Morgan Proudfoot

Morgan Proudfoot

Pastoral Resident

I was born in the great city of Seattle, Washington. My family was not intentionally anti-God in anyway, He was just not even on our radar. The best way to describe my family growing up is highly dysfunctional with an addiction to hard work and long days.

During my high school years, my family moved from Seattle to the corn fields of northwest Pennsylvania. Immediately upon arrival, our elderly neighbors walked hand in hand down our long farm house driveway and invited me to their church's youth group. At the time I had no idea what a youth group was, but once they said there would be other kids there my age I was all in.

The Lord used this couple who were in their 70’s to share the gospel with an inner city street punk. Prior to their interaction with me, I had never heard of “Jesus” as God, only as a figure of speech to describe frustration. When they told me that Jesus was God I was completely dumbfounded. Almost immediately upon hearing the gospel my heart believed and trusted in it. I became the first Christian in my family. Unfortunately, it took me a number of years to seriously begin to press into the Lord and grow in my relationship with him.

In my early 20’s I met and married my wife Jess, whom the Lord used greatly to spur on my pursuit of spiritual maturity. It was in these years that I began to see the beauty of a life lived in surrender to Christ. Shortly after getting married, I felt an internal call to pastoral ministry and had many men confirm in me what I was feeling internally. At age 26 I went to college at Edinboro University and got a degree in Sociology. During this time I was able to go on staff at a couple of different churches in an associate pastor role, and in 2007 was sent out to plant a church in a city north of Pittsburgh.

In 2012 we moved to Denton, Texas and in 2015 I joined staff at The Village Church Denton as the Pastoral Resident. Currently I am working on my M.Div at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

The Lord taught us so much during these years, it’s hard to put it all into words. His faithfulness far exceeds our obedience, and His love out stretches our best attempts. This is who He has proven himself to be to us time and time again.

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