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Melissa Garrett

Melissa Garrett

Campus Minister

I grew up in a small town outside of Memphis, Tennessee. My parents divorced when I was 9. My mother worked hard to provide for my brothers and I, and I am so thankful for her. Although life was seemingly good, I had a lot of internal, emotional battles that grew from the root of an absent father. His struggle with addiction left him with a choice, and he didn’t choose us. I had a hard time believing I could be a lovable girl after he left, so I searched the world for anything that could fill that void. The things of this world only left me more empty and longing for more. I grew up knowing about God but never considered looking to Him for help.

A week after I graduated high school, I was so alone and unhappy, looking for anywhere to turn. A friend of mine invited me to a Young Life camp. I thought that going would help me escape the pain for a week. Little did I know this would be the week that God would begin revealing Himself to me! For the very first time, I heard about a relationship with Jesus. It blew me away that it was God’s plan to demonstrate His love for me through sending His Son to die on a cross even when He knew I had a dirty heart! For the first time, I understood true love. That night, July 6, 2009, I prayed and asked Jesus for a new heart and to allow me to be in relationship with Him, and He was faithful!

Shortly after I started college at the University of Memphis, I was introduced to Campus Outreach. God used this ministry to model discipleship, and I was immediately intrigued. God also used Campus Outreach to help establish and equip me in my faith, and I now have a deep desire to see men and women come to know their Savior and multiply their lives into others.

In 2015, I packed my bags and left Memphis after a Texas boy from The Village Church stole my heart and asked me to marry him. Together, we desire to glorify God through taking His gospel to the ends of the earth.