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Josh Sercey

Josh Sercey


I spent most of my childhood right here in the DFW area. My parents were committed to attending church and doing all they could to raise me to trust in Christ, but all I can remember finding in the church growing up was cultural Christianity that exemplified southern morality more than it proclaimed the gospel. Growing up in this environment, I began to trap myself in self-righteousness, always hoping in my own works to define my worth. But deep inside I knew the brokenness and the sin that resided in my heart, but I just pressed my sin deeper into the shadows where I thought no one could see.

An inner life of crippling fear and anxiety developed beneath the self-righteous surface. This inner life of fear progressed into a severe form of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) where I felt like being in control was the only way to soothe the nagging fear of inadequacy and shame I felt inside. But God, in His grace, undid me by forcing my sin and shame into the light.

But He didn’t leave me there in the light vulnerable and alone, but actually showed me that He is my covering and that I no longer had to strain to be in control in order to hide how broken I am. The years-long awareness of how broken I was finally collided with an awareness of and belief in the abundant grace that God has given me in Jesus Christ. I no longer stood burdened and condemned under the reality of my sin against God, but now stood free and accepted in the greater reality of God’s love in Christ.

I’m here at The Village Church Denton to feel out a call on giving my life for others to know the reality of His love and grace, specifically through the realm of pastoral ministry.