Art at The Village Church Denton

Art Show Instructions – Growing Together

May 19th – September 29th, 2024

  1. Members and regular attenders may submit up to three (3) works. Any 2D media is allowed (This includes drawings, paintings, watercolors, canvases, photographs, and works that can be hung against a wall). Works that require pedestals or ones with dimensions larger than 36” in any direction will require special approval by the Art Team and may not be eligible for this exhibition. 3D works, installations, digital works, and sculptures are encouraged but may also require special approval by the Art Team due to the constraints of the gallery.
  1. Members and regular attenders should submit artworks which are thematically linked to the following concepts:
    1. Plants, nature, and the natural world of God’s Creation
    2. Themes of growth and growing, especially of spiritual-growth
    3. Plant-metaphors (works which utilize nature imagery to present a spiritual message or evoke an emotional or intellectual response)
    4. Ideas related to the doctrine of sanctification in the Body of Christ (in other words, the ways in which God guides believers in Christ into greater and deeper holiness)
  1. To submit work: Email up to (3) images of work(s) to Nickolai Lanier at
    1. Works should be visible in pictures. The body of the email must contain the artist’s name, the titles of the piece(s) if there is one, and the dimensions. The art team would also love to read about your inspiration for the piece which can be summed up by answering the following question: Which of the three themes mentioned above is your work most closely linked to and how?
  1. The last step is to wait to hear back from the Art Show Team. Guidelines for what types of work are accepted into the TVCD narthex gallery space and what types of work may be denied entry into the show are available upon email request. Once decisions have been made, we will email further instructions about how to have pieces ready to hang. 

We are so excited to see the creative efforts and talents of our church!

The submission deadline is May 5.

For questions about Art Show Acceptance Guidelines, please review this information the linked document. Any additional questions, you can direct them to  or contact Nickolai Lanier: