My mom often told me that her prayer for me as a child was that I would come from  “light to a brighter light” as it was my parents’ desire that I never knew a day without Jesus as  part of it. When I was a child, the Lord generously answered their prayers. When I was 8, I  made a profession of faith and was baptized knowing I needed a Savior and that I couldn’t save  myself from my sin. Through the shepherding by my faithful parents and the local church, I  grew in my relationship with the Lord and my love for His Word. I loved the church and was  taught that the best thing I could do with my life was to grow in my relationship with Jesus and serve others as an act of worship to the Lord.  

After a hurtful church split my senior year of high school, I became disillusioned and  calloused to the local church and decided to isolate myself from any type of organized  community of believers. This short period of time was one of the loneliest seasons of my life.  After not finding fulfillment in this new way of life, I responded to an invitation to attend The  Village Church and decided to return to gospel-centered community. In this season of healing, I  realized that I was full of pride and sin and I needed the church more than the church needed  me. In my striving for approval from people, I had put my hope in man instead of only in Christ.  Jesus already has established my worth and I no longer needed to serve others as an effort to  gain approval and worth. 

The Lord has provided so much joy and life in serving Him. My husband Chris and I love being members of this church. It’s an honor to serve The Village Church Denton and to raise our children amongst  this community of believers and pray the same prayer my mom prayed for me. That my  children would come from “light to a brighter light” never knowing a day without Jesus.