Brad Welker

Associate Pastor of Adult Ministries

I was born in the Seattle area but grew up in Missoula, Mont. My parents loved me well and shared the gospel with me at a young age. As a family we were heavily involved in church and Young Life. Although I confessed to believe in Jesus Christ at an early age, I wanted little to do with Him and rebelled against going to church. I placed my hope and trust in athletics for my identity and used those accomplishments to determine my value.

I moved to Dallas in 2006, taking a position in the athletics office at Dallas Baptist University. In the fall of that year, at 26 years old, the Lord began to draw me to himself by removing the people and accomplishments from which I drew my identity. Not knowing what to do or where to go, I began to read through the New Testament. It was through reading the Scriptures that the Holy Spirit renewed my heart to believe that Jesus Christ lived the perfect life I couldn’t live and died the death I deserved on my behalf to be reconciled to God.

After believing the gospel, a friend from Dallas Baptist University invited me to attend The Village, where I became a member in 2009. I thanked him by marrying his sister in the winter of 2009.

My wife, Elise, and I moved to Denton in 2010 and have been plugged in at The Village ever since. The Lord has used the people of The Village to lavish grace upon me, while encouraging me through continued reminders of the gospel. The Lord has deepened my love for His people, growing in me a desire to vocational ministry in the local church.

I am honored to be working at The Village Church Denton. My hope and prayer is to faithfully serve the church that has showered love and grace upon me, always pointing me back to the cross.


Sundays at 8:45am & 11:00am

The Village Church Denton
1106 W. Oak St., Denton, Texas 76201