Cherise Daniels

Deaconess of Prayer Ministry

I grew up in Wichita Falls, Texas in a loving Christian home. I was baptized when I was 12 but continued to live my teen years in rebellion against God. I gave myself over to the glory that comes from man in popularity. I found my worth in what others thought of me.

I moved to Denton in 2011 to go to school at UNT for Interior Design. After a year of living in Denton and not attending church, the Lord led me to understand my great need for Him. I began attending The Village Church where I started to learn the gospel and what living in community really means. I began to understand that my value was in being adopted by God and united with Christ.

I’m passionate about discipling and counselling people with the Bible, and caring for the church through prayer ministry.

Cherise Daniels

Sundays at 8:45am & 11:00am

The Village Church Denton
1106 W. Oak St., Denton, Texas 76201