Jayci Hawthorne

Campus Minister

I grew up in Fort Worth, TX.

My family rarely attended church, so I had little knowledge of God. My life was marked by self-reliance and pride. After my parents divorced, I never wanted others to see my weaknesses or wanted to need to rely on anyone. In my freshman year of community college, I began working at a daycare center. A woman brought her children and asked if I would be interested in babysitting. It was there that she began sharing the gospel with me.

I was confronted with the loving God who sent His only son to live the life I couldn’t ever live, to free me from sin, and who died in my place and was resurrected on the third day. I received this good news and the Lord transformed my heart of stone into a heart of flesh!

The Lord continues to transform me from one degree of glory to the next, and as I grow in my knowledge of Him, my desire for others to know Him grows.

The college ministry Campus Outreach asked me to join their staff where I get to live out the vision of seeing college students impacted by the good news of Jesus Christ.

Jayci Hawthorne

Sundays at 8:45am & 11:00am

The Village Church Denton
1106 W. Oak St., Denton, Texas 76201